Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Memo to Obama: Light Up

Dear Mr Obama, 

Here are three reasons why you should resume smoking. 

3. Change the subject.
For weeks now Hillary has been hogging the mic. All we've heard about is Rev. Jeremiah Wright and your various gaffes. The headlines and sound bites show you on the defensive, and your message is getting drowned out. Embrace your addiction! It will allow you to take back the microphone and go on the offence.
2. Remind us he's only human.
We all have our flaws, don't be afraid to admit yours. I'm sure the 30% of Americans who smoke would agree, but so would everybody else. Nobody's perfect. Let those without sins cast the first stone! And once you're elected you can lead by example and quit.
1. Get his mojo back.
Running for president is difficult enough, but having to battle your addiction at the same time is brutal. Hillary's scorched-earth assault will continue all the way to the convention floor, and its easy to be put on the defensive when you're distracted by your cravings. But fending it off would be a slam-dunk if you could focus on the message again! And in the general election it just may help win over Republicans too.

Update: great minds think alike!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bandwidth should be metered

Bandwidth should be metered and sold like electricity. Folks should only be required to pay for what they use. That way, the market takes care of the congestion problems and network neutrality becomes a moot point. Consider for a moment if electricity was priced like internet access, at a flat monthly rate. Essentially those conserving electricity would be subsidizing the wasteful neighbor who leaves all their lights on all the time. That's whats happening today with bandwidth consumption.

While we're at it, highway and street usage should be transacted the same way. Let's start charging drivers by the mile (or kilometer). Right now the roads are essentially free and nobody has an incentive to ride a bicycle or take the train (or walk). Requiring folks to pay for what they use would not only reduce congestion but pollution as well.