Thursday, July 28, 2011

Embrace Climate Change

It's already begun, there is no stopping it anyhow. Let's catch the wave and ride it home to the future, where we all want to be anyways.

There is a reason the phrase "global warming" has cemented in our conscious-ness. It sounds blissful and tranquil, like drinking beers on the beach at sunset. Everyone feels so good, we can just let the small stuff slide. Why argue when you can instead blow off the haters and take a nap? ("Whatever.")

So there, that's it. Let's just burn all the oil until it's gone and see if we can't turn up the heat a little. Think of it as an experiment. Then we can all relax some because it will be too hot to argue. Also, since there would be no more oil, there will be one less thing to fight over.